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Fri, Jul 25  


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Visit our links for some great promos on Smartboxes. We have moving boxes that will makes moving a little easier.

Surface Green Solutions is proud to be the distributor for Smartboxes in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Servicing your needs for Smartboxes in Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford, Goderich, Owen Sound and all points in between. Our business is focused on green product lines that offer unique alternatives and Smartboxes is the perfect alternative to cardboard moving boxes.
Call us 519-418-SMRT (7678)
The Green Guys

At Surface Green Solutions we are working hard to promote and distribute green environmentally friendly product lines. Our goal is to provide greener alternatives for products already being used today. Most of our product lines are surface based designed to protect, clean or enhance using technology in ways that you have never seen before. We are always looking for new product lines that we can add to our offerings while meeting our customers’ needs.

The Coval line of products is the best on the market today. For products that protect and enhance all types of surfaces Coval is the right choice.
Surface Green Solutions is a proud supplier of the Coval line of products. Coval’s protective coatings become one with the surface they are applied to and create a superior barrier. Coval Coatings are 21st century coatings which are based on nano technology but are also “beyond nano”.  This is what gives them superior performance and longevity.  Coval Coatings extend the life of equipment, machinery, buildings and objects – they protect, preserve and enhance your assets. Please visit our product pages for more information on this great line of products.
RePLAY™ Agricultural Oil Seal & Preservation Agent
RePLAY™ is an agricultural oil based product that will penetrate asphalt up to 1.25 inches and protect below the surface. Designed to extend the life of all asphalt surfaces.
Over time, asphalt oxidizes and wears out due to oxygen in the air and traffic on the surface. In colder temperatures, the freezing/thawing process also contributes to cracking and potholes. RePLAY™ is an agricultural oil based product that was created to restore paved asphalt surfaces and is proven to reverse the oxidation process, while maintaining the skid resistance of any paved asphalt surface.
Applicators Wanted
We are looking for contractors that would be interested in learning more about all of our product lines. We are committed to supplying working professionals with quality products. Call us today and find out how adding our line of products to your current offerings will improve your bottom line. Call us toll free 855-418-1820
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